FN wooden wedges

Just Right

These practical little wooden wedges are a high-quality and versatile by-product of our solid wood production. The exclusive use of knotless spruce or pine guarantees the quality and functionality of the wedges in many areas.

Whether you use them for the important jacking function when installing furniture, to secure various things in the house or garden or to stir paint - these special wooden wedges are perfect in every respect.

They are available in a practical package of 12 wedges and can still serve a valuable purpose after use, e.g. as excellent kindling with great burning characteristics.


  • Universal tool in house and garden 
  • Small, light and simple to use
  • An environmentally friendly product made of natural, renewable raw materials
  • Essential for the alignment and installation of furniture
  • Perfect for stirring paints or varnishes
  • Can be used as kindling after use