IS 1 and IS 2 installation springs

Making floor-laying considerably easier

These innovative installation springs from FN Neuhofer Holz provide really helpful support when laying floors. They prove to be time- and stress-saving owing to their easy handling and practical application through the use of individual snap-off springs.


The decisive advantage of this application is the fact that the installation springs can remain in the expansion gap after the floor has been laid, without causing damage which, from experience, can happen when spacers are forgotten. By using installation springs FN IS 1 and IS 2, bulging of the floor due to humidity, temperature change, or forgotten spacers can be avoided. The floor still has enough room for movement (e.g., in case of forgotten spacers in the expansion gap).

Effective support

The FN installation springs FN IS 1 and FN IS 2 were developed to provide effective support to the floor-layer when laying so-called clip-on flooring, where the springs can be used from a floor thickness of 6 mm / 1/4". The installation spring are simply inserted into the expansion gap, thus replacing the spacers when laying floors.

Product advantages of Installation Springs IS 1 and IS 2:

  • Very easy to handle.
  • Bulging of floors can be avoided.
  • Centering device for floorings.
  • Curbs lasting the opening of gaps on the floor.
  • Practical application due to individual snapoff springs.
  • IS 1 for floor thicknesses from 6 mm / 1/4" (laminate). IS 2 for floor thicknesses from 11 mm / 7/16" (parquet).
  • Patent pending.

Installation Springs



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