Plastic rosettes for radiators

One radiator rosette for 3 different pipe diameters. Cutting a groove on the reverse side reduces the complexity of adjustment to the heating pipe diameter.

We offer radiator rosettes to cover floor connections with different kinds of wood and wall connections with several plain colours.

Finish: Printed or plain colours.
Drill holes: 15 mm / 19/32”, 19 mm / 3/4”, 22 mm / 7/8”.
Printing: On wood types: Oak, beech, maple, cherry, mahogany (Merbau).
Plain colours: Gold, silver, white, beige, brown.
Packing: 10 SS packs in a carton or plastic bag containing 50 pcs.

Product & packaging

SS: 2 pcs., 10 SS packs in a carton
Plastic bag for 50 pcs.