The corner innovation

Visual accents through square wooden sticks

To avoid uneven mitre-cuts at corners, these lacquered rectangular wood inserts are available to trade fitters. They are glued in place on inner or outer corners, or as an end-piece to the profile, resulting in a finish that is not just practical, but which looks good, too.

The corners are available in a wide range of woods, colours and sizes, so that the very highest standards of perfection can be achieved specifically in this field.

Product advantages:

  • Ideal for corners or as a profile finish.
  • To be trimmed to fit during installation and then glued on.
  • Woods: Oak, cherry, beech, walnut and ash.
  • Colours: black, white, gold and silver.
  • Sizes: 18x18x122mm/11/16x11/16x4-13/16, 18x18x62mm/11/16x11/16x2-7/16", 22x22x122mm/7/8x7/8x4-13/16", 22x22x62mm/7/8x7/8x2-7/16", where the 18mm/11/16" inserts are suitable for profiles of covering height up to 17mm/21/32" and the 22mm/7/8" ones for heights up to 21mm/13/16".

For Profiles:

FU43, FU18L, FU18H, SU18L, FU31L, SU31L, FU19L, SU06L, FU30L, SU30L, FU51L, SU51L, FU61L, SU61L, FU57L, SU57L, FU14L, SU05L, FU15L, SU04L, FU60L, SU60L, FU75L, SU75L, FU80L, SU80L, FU84L, SU84L, FU82L, FU91L, SU91L, FU116L, SU116L