FN mitre box

The dream of every skirting board

The mitre cut - often cursed but still attempted again and again. A board corner that is mitre cut (to 45°) is still the most elegant and attractive board corner.

We have tackled the problem and have developed a mitre box that has particular technical details designed to help the user to perform an orderly mitre cut on the board.

The height of the board is decisive and skirting boards with a height of up to 85 cm can be cut easily. The integrated fixing of the board onto its mounting slot is also helpful. This will give you a straight, clean cut.


  • Simple cutting of boards with a height of up to 85 mm.
  • Fixing of boards with a CH23 clip nut onto the provided mount.
  • Integrated holes allow you to fix the mitre box to the work table.
  • The integrated Euro perforation means the box is easy to present at the PoS.
  • Property rights pending.