FN skirting profile corners

The clean finish

Skirting boards - mitres - corners, there are lots of combinations like these, but none as smart as this one. Skirting profile pieces pre-cut on a mitre, with decor to match the rest of the skirting board - that really is something. The skirting profile pieces have a pre-cut mitre on each side, so that you can create an inner corner and an outer corner with two symmetrical and opposite pieces. A clip, specially constructed for the purpose, also goes around the corner and holds the corner pieces, which have already been carefully glued together, permanently in place. The second end is simply cut straight, so that the next strip will join snugly.


And now comes the show-stopper: an end piece can also be produced. One left and one right end piece are included in the pack and can easily be glued to the end of the skirting board, which has been pre-cut on the mitre.


        Inner corner

        End piece

        Outer corner

Packaging & contents

2x skirting profile pieces left
2x skirting profile pieces righ

1x end piece right
1x end piece left

1x Kontaktkleber

2x Eckenclips