FN Superfix

keeps the skirting board in position


Skirting boards are often glued. If this is done with a construction adhesive that takes a long time to harden then you need all sorts of objects to keep the freshly glued skirting board in position against the wall.

We have looked at this problem and developed a piece of equipment to keep the skirting board in position: FN Superfix.

FN Superfix is used on the surface of the skirting board and weighed down with objects that are easy to find on the building site: full beer bottles, full construction adhesive cartridges or other weights. The rubber under the FN Superfix means that the skirting board fixer cannot slip away as the weight exerts pressure on the skirting board, thus fixing the skirting board in the correct position.

Product advantages:

  • Simple application, simple to fit to the skirting board
  • The intelligent geometry of FN Superfix allows the fixer to be adjusted to the skirting board height as necessary
  • FN Superfix can be held down with various weights: beer bottles, adhesive cartridges, anything that is heavy
  • FN Superfix can be used multiple times and is thus a sustainable product

        Inner corner

        Outer corner