Insulation strips

Details matter

Sound transmission from the floor to the wall via the skirting board is a topic that is often given too little consideration. However the board has points of support on the floor and thus points of contact. The skirting board is connected to the wall with a clip or another mounting method. Therefore a floor that is sound decoupled from the wall can transfer footfall sounds into the wall via the skirting board. The insulating strip was developed in order to also prevent this form of noise nuisance and it also has the sideeffect of sealing the joint between the floor and wall that is often not completely closed, thus reducing penetration of moisture or insects into the floor's expansion joint or behind the board in the long term.

Product advantages:

  • Reduced sound transfer from the floor to the wall
  • Protects from moisture penetration
  • Protects from insect penetration
  • An optically smoother joint