Code of Conduct of FN Neuhofer | Who we are and how we work

As an Austrian family business with over 370 years of company history, we live social responsibility and our economic thinking not only for the moment, but also sustainably and over generations. Creating value - that applies to us now and in the future.

The aim of this code of conduct is to set down binding standards of conduct in order to avoid situations that might cast doubt on the legality and honesty of the company.

As an internationally successful company, FN Neuhofer Holz is among Europe's leading suppliers with innovative accessories and smart solutions for floors, walls and ceilings. We create products that are pioneering in their innovation and functionality. We are recognised as a "Leitbetrieb Österreich" (Leading Austrian Company) and we apply the slogan WE.KNOW.WOW! with top priority in all areas. The "We" for our performance and our striving towards joint success. To this end, the company invests heavily in, among other things, communication to ensure transparency and information flow. The "Know" is our know-how that we as a company have built up and expanded. Knowledge and skills in innovation, knowledge about solutions, quality and service. And the result of this: "Wow!" The delight, the joy, the success. We identify ourselves throughout the company with the slogan "We. Know. Wow!"

The basis of the code of conduct is provided by our values: delight in action, innovation in products and services, performance, responsibility and continuity. These values and the company and legal context and ethical standards set the rules of conduct for all employees, managers and owners and hence provide a reference framework binding on everyone. Managers have an additional responsibility to exemplify the company culture, which includes as a core element of the company's activities the observance of the code of conduct and of applicable legislation.

The code does not affect pre-existing rules relating to the employment relationship e.g. the employment contract or the provisions of employment law and is to be observed in addition to these applicable laws and regulations. It is above all an appeal to the sense of responsibility of every individual. Every employee bears his own responsibility in his own area for his own behaviour and action and in his conduct he represents our company both in a company and a personal context. Disciplinary consequences are to be expected in the event of any infringement.