FN clik-fix 23

Rail-based fixing system

The right connection

It just became even easier to fix the skirtings to the track. Perfect tolerance compensation has been created with soft lips attached to the back of the mounting bar. Humidity fluctuations in the wood or MDF board or crooked walls - the soft lips compensate for everything.

When cables are fitted behind the skirting it is no longer possible for cables to slip into the expansion joint and be subjected to the swelling of the floor there. It can simply be laid onto the horizontal fixing arm.

Detachment is also no longer a problem, thanks to the flexible soft lips.


Product advantages:

  • Soft lips on the attachment bar enable perfect tolerance compensation
  • Cables cannot slip into the expansion joint because of the continuous fixing arm
  • Practical wall mounting on the continuous track
  • Clean, invisible mounting
  • Innovative locking technology to prevent possible lifting of the profile
  • Multiple attachment and detachment possible