FN clik-fix 23 LED

Guiding light for your home

Groping around in the dark or needing to switch on the lights at full glare just to fetch a cold beer from the fridge is decidedly uncool. Would it not be preferable to gently illuminate your path with subdued and dimmable lighting?

FN now has the solution. A successful combination of fastening rail and LED ducting show how it's done. And any Neuhofer skirting up to 90 mm in height and fitted with a clip groove may be plugged on. This renders the system highly flexible.

The system can furthermore accommodate either LED strips of varying wattage and colours or just wiring in its ducts. And the aluminium design allows any generated heat to simply dissipate.


  • Fastening rail and LED duct combination

  • Highly flexible - can be used on any FN skirting with CH23 clip groove, up to 90 mm in height

  • Various LED strips can be glued in

  • The rail may simply be mitred; a plastic corner may be used for the covering skirting

  • Wiring may also be accommodated in the duct instead of LEDs

  • Aluminium guarantees excellent dissipation of heat

  • Fitting the LEDs near the floor will highlight the wood grain in brushed floors

  • Also suited for emergency lighting at night


Usage possibilities of the LED duct

FN clik-fix 23 LED aluminium fastening rail with semi-transparent PET cover rail, shrink-wrapped pieces with label, packaged in units of 10

5 m LED strip with transformer and dimmer rated 4,8 W/m, 9,6 W/m or 14,4W/m. Blister packaged