FN Clipholder CH20

Optimal height compensation.

The high-quality plastic Clipholder CH20 has the significant advantage that the profile is attached from above, which means that, in the event of laying the underlay, downward pressure can be repeatedly exerted. This can prevent a visible joint occurring between the profile and the floor.

It is naturally also possible to lay large cables behind the profile. Furthermore, it is not necessary to use a template during installation, as the 17 mm / 21/32''-long, L-shaped Clipholder bridges the expansion joint of the floor.

For skirtings with less expansion gap-covering, the foot of the clipholder can be shortened at a rated break point.

Product advantages:

  • Quick, clean, and invisible profile installation.
  • Prevention of joint openings between the profile and the floor, due to the fact that the profile can be attached and pressed down from above.
  • Repeated installation and removal is possible.
  • Can also be used with existing floors.
  • Can also be adapted to irregular brickwork.