FN combi-fix - the fixed transition solution

Stylish, functional, flexible. A single screw profile which leads the way in all lines. The upper side is made of robust and optically appealing aluminium, while the underside is perfectly aligned for securing. The cover profile is fixed using screws to the previously installed underside profile, and as such there are almost no limitations on the coverable floor level.

All of this is made possible through the use of a plastic core in the underside profile. Different screw lengths guarantee continuous adjustability. These are mounted by means of a continuous underside track which is laid together with the floor surface or after this floor surface has been laid, by means of 15 mm wide clips or rail components, which can be easily slid under the floor surface. After positioning, the floor surfaces are then held in place with a screw clamp.

Product advantages

  • Innovative, patent-pending system
  • Simply and universally applicable
  • Flexibly adjustable height and tilt
  • Easily adaptable to different floor heights
  • Two mounting options: As part of the floor-laying by means of a rail or subsequently by means of  clips
  • Available as transition, motion or edging profiles, and floating floors

Assembling with profile track

with clip

Decors Alu


Decors on request

Stainless steel