FN Acoustic Boards

Functional design for every room

Do you know the motto "Design follows function", sometimes ironically changed to "Function follows Design"? With FN acoustic panels, none follows the other. Here, design meets function and becomes a doubly effective design element for every room. And it gets even better - the beautifully designed, functional product is also sustainable.

 But now one thing at a time:

Functionality & Sustainability


The light, soft base plate made of PET fibres can absorb sound waves and reduce the reverberation of noises - thus achieving pleasant acoustics in any room - from small to large - from the living room, which is also to be used as a home office, to waiting rooms, (open-plan) offices or canteens.

 And it does so with style and sustainability! Because 60 % of the PET fibre base board is made from recycled PET bottles. We think that's great! And you?



Reduced and elegant, the skirting boards bring a special atmosphere to walls and ceilings. As a deliberate accent in strong colours, as a natural element in real wood veneer or stylishly adapted to the decor of the floor, drawn across the wall to the ceiling - only FN Neuhofer can do this with FN digital printing technology. The possibilities are almost unlimited!

Point of Sale


Elegant sales promotion: a solution for every space. From effective secondary placement to attention-grabbing pallet presentation to integration in heavy-duty shelving - together we will find the perfect solution for your PoS. From displays to pallet stands to heavy-duty shelving, we are sure to find the right solution for your target group.


Choose the decor of your choice: standard or completely customised

From an elegant selection of veneers and selected standard foils to the perfect decor match with floors or fantasy decors - FN digital printing offers almost infinite possibilities.

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