FN deco-shelf

The floor for walls - in the living room, kitchen and bathroom

An exciting touch for walls and really practical, too - the FN Deco-Shelf modular system means that just about the smallest detail can be fully tailored to suit. It is not without good reason that we advertise the product with the slogan: "Dream rooms come true" - and installation is incredibly quick as well.

Using stable aluminium rails, various floor coverings, such as laminate or parquet flooring, can be fitted to the wall. At the same time, the rails can accommodate various accessory items covering a wide thematic range of applications, such as cloakroom, kitchen, office, etc.

With its wide selection of décor finishes, and with the right accessories, this system will suit any room.

Product advantages:

  • Successful combination of design and functionality
  • Many possible uses for each room
  • Laminate, parquet, cork and lino flooring, panels, tiles or decorative boards used as wall covering
  • Special rails to connect the individual floorboards for the following floor thicknesses: 5.8 - 8 mm / 7/32 - 5/16"; 9.5 - 12 mm/ 3/8 - 15/32"; 12.8 - 15.3 mm / 1/2 - 19/32" For thicknesses of 16 mm and above the FN universal rail is used
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Unique flexibility as individual accessory items can be interchanged at any time
  • Corner pieces used to join the rails in corner areas, so no need for mitre cuts
  • Patent and registered design applied for

For the living room as a stylish wall item with shelves for books, DVDs or decorative items, for the cloakroom with practical hanger and storage accessories, for the bathroom, the dressing room, children's playroom and bedroom, the kitchen or laundry room - a practical solution throughout the house.

It is offered in the form of a set for each room, which makes it very easy for the consumer to find the right range, which can, of course, be expanded as required to include the accessories that are also on offer. Installation is quick and straightforward.

FN deco-shelf folders