Surfaces digital printing


As an internationally recognized supplier of profile systems and accessories for floors, walls and ceilings, we stand by our motto "We offer you more" for "more" innovation, quality, service and flexibility. We create products that pioneer new ways to the future with their innovation and functionality.

One of the best examples for this is "FN digiprint". This opens up the unique possibility of designing skirtings, flooring profiles and panels for the multi-functional wall shelving system "FN deco-shelf" using digital print processing.

This is particularly suitable for implementing ideas which would have been impossible or very expensive using conventional printing.

With "FN digiprint", printing company logos, photographs/scans, decorations created in graphic programs or any other floor design are as easy as can be.


"FN digiprint" stands for a new level of innovative design with which perfect decoration ideas can now be realized, even in small amounts. Logos, photos, your own graphics or any floor pattern design such as PVC, cork, linoleum, carpet, vinyl or even wood can be used.

One of the biggest advantages of digital printing is the quick and flexible implementation of any possible idea and - unlike conventional printing methods - without having to produce a new print cylinder for every new pattern. This not only saves a great deal of time but also reduces costs. We would be pleased to provide more information on the complete advantages of "FN digiprint".

Enjoy the new individuality at the level of perfection to which you are accustomed and get started - with the unlimited digital possibilities of "FN digiprint".

Example walnut
Example variety
Example beach
Example leather
Example piano
Example silk
Example fire
Example grass
Example golden frame
Example sheet music
Example jeans
Example lightwaves
Example 70's pattern
Example Flowers
Example Flower pattern
Example fur
Example graffiti
Example hands
Example houses
Example wood
Example camel
Example lips
Example nail polish
Example wallpaper
Example tattoo 1
Example tattoo 2
Example flower field
Example cars
Example tree bark
Example cable
Example knops
Example leopard pattern
Example pattern
Example penguines
Example comforters
Example chocolate
Example skyline
Example sunset
Example stones
Example pencils
Example bar code colored
Example bar code
Example animals 1
Example animals 2
Example animals 3
Example animals 4
Example animals 5
Example drops
Example water
Example wine bottles
Example zebra
Example brick walling


With this innovation in decor, there is no limit to your creativity. From eye-catching skirting boards to the attractive design of large-surface walls, furniture or interior design solutions using the living room display system - with "FN digiprint" you can turn almost any idea into professional and high-quality reality.

The low production costs and the possibility of implementing any possible design mean unusual accents can be set for more than just interior design. With "FN digiprint", even oneoff opportunities (events, fairs, etc.) can be attention grabbers.