2014-01-15 | FN Neuhofer Holz was showcasing product novelties and beauties at the Domotex 2014

As usual, FN Neuhofer Holz had a remarkable and innovative presence on its 240 m² stand. The major innovations and product highlights and the many models exhibited on Stand C30 in Hall 7 once again drew much attention this year.

FN profiles for LVT flooring

Design flooring is the flooring segment for major growth, bar none. It is resilient, water-resistant and easy to clean. The flooring is also convincing in its great variety of designs. These floors of course also make many demands on the required accessories.

This is why FN Neuhofer Holz boarded the growth bus and developed a wide range of flooring profiles and skirtings for the different applications, also optimally including reduced flooring thicknesses (from ca. 2 mm for glued to ca. 5 mm for floors laid floating, with the Click system). Not only are various materials on offer here (HDF or aluminium), but also a variety of surfaces: The options are never-ending - with anodised aluminium or printed decor paper to match the floor. Says the Managing Director Franz Neuhofer: "This means that we have the correct profile to offer our customers, for any application."

Aluminium skirting distinguishes itself through its robust property, classy look and quality of appearance. The range also includes excellent all-round products, however. For instance, skirting with grooves for flooring strips such as vinyl of different thickness (from 3.5 - 5 mm). The skirting frames the flooring showing a narrow face, again adding visual appeal. Our existing range of plastic and foil enveloped MDF skirtings is naturally also suited for LVT floors. The installation of profiles and skirting is easy and fast. They may, depending on application, be either glued or screwed on using pre-drilled holes. (LVT = Luxury Vinyl Tiles)


FN Structured strips and plates

The concept is both simple and brilliant and allows an MDF board to turn into an attractive material that leaves a lasting impression, even without further treatment of the surface. An embossing roller is used to stamp any suitable structures into the surface of the board, giving it a unique appearance and special haptics. Whether strips, boards, shelves, panels or wall cladding, a special skirting board or for the construction of furniture - FN structure boards establish a new generation of innovative board design.


  • The simple way to achieve strong MDF board aesthetics
  • Any surface structure is possible
  • Many areas of application in interior design and furniture construction
  • Simple processing with all traditional wood processing machines
  • Can be painted over with any varnishes or wall and wood paints to intensify the structure


Picture Frames at FN

Picture frames and FN - a new combination! Decades of experience in profile wrapping paired with the latest technology result in an exciting mix. Digital printing is the word of the hour. Unimagined perspectives are opening up new opportunities for personalisation and the fulfilment of customer wishes in the picture frame sector. It is not only digitally printed foils but also other materials such as veneers, leather, aluminium foils, classical decoration foils and structured foils that are revealing the enormous spectrum of possibilities for picture frame mouldings by FN. Picture frame mouldings sold by length, finished picture frames, customer-specific dimensions - FN Neuhofer Holz´ own tool manufacturing and modern plant give them the flexibility to react quickly to every customer wish and satisfy expectations.


Digitally printed picture frames

"Digital printing now makes anything possible. Anyone can more or less design his or her own picture frame. Send us the motif you would like to use; it needs to be at least 420x297 mm in size with 300 dpi and be in .tif format - we will then use it to print your personal picture frame. And if you are lost for ideas we have collected a wide variety of phantasy designs that you are welcome to choose from", explain Franz Neuhofer.


Finished picture frames

You can also buy finished picture frames from us

  • MDF frames with decoration foil, glass, backboard and insert, all ready assembled and packed in heat-shrunk film
  • Aluminium frames, executed as above
  • Frameless glass mountings, executed as above


White profiles set

"Anyone who is looking for white, paintable strips for use as skirting boards or cornice slats will automatically arrive at these set packages. Each box includes all the parts required for professional assembly", informed Franz Neuhofer enthusiastic. The cornice slats use the clip system CH14, which keeps the strip safely and firmly on the ceiling.

The set also includes sections that are already mitre-cut and glued to form corners so that the strips only need to be cut to length. A decorative and practical corner solution (corner sticks) is also included in the skirting board package with the visually attractive, high white strips. The tried and tested CH23 clip holder system is enclosed to enable invisible assembly.


  • Complete set package with all the components required for assembly (including screws and dowels)
  • Perfect, invisible assembly and simple dismantling using practical mounting clips
  • Ready-made corner pieces make it easier to cut the strips - no more mitre cuts
  • The strips and parts included in the box are designed for optimum use in rooms of approximately 20 m²/215 ft²


FN Mitre Box

The mitre cut - often cursed but still attempted again and again. A board corner that is mitre cut (to 45°) is still the most elegant and attractive board corner. We have tackled the problem and have developed a mitre box that has particular technical details designed to help the user to perform an orderly mitre cut on the board. The height of the board is decisive and skirting boards with a height of up to 85 cm can be cut easily. The integrated fixing of the board onto its mounting slot is also helpful. This will give you a straight, clean cut.


  • Simple cutting of boards with a height of up to 85 mm
  • Fixing of boards with a CH23 clip nut onto the provided mount
  • Integrated holes allow you to fix the mitre box to the work table
  • The integrated Euro perforation means the box is easy to present at the PoS
  • Property rights pending


FN Wooden Wedges - just right.

Small, practical wooden wedges, of high quality and flexible use, are a sideline of Neuhofer's solid wood manufacture. The exclusive use of knotless spruce or pine guarantees the quality and functionality of the wedges in many areas. Whether you use them for the jacking function when installing furniture, to secure various things in the house or garden or to stir paint - these special wooden wedges are perfect in every respect. They are available in a practical package of 12 wedges and can still serve a valuable purpose after use, e.g. as kindling with great burning characteristics.


  • Universal tool in house and garden
  • Small, light and simple to use
  • An environmentally friendly product made of natural, renewable raw materials
  • Essential for the alignment and installation of furniture
  • Perfect for stirring paints or varnishes
  • Can be used as kindling after use


FN Kindling - a spark of an idea.

At a company where sustainability has ranked highly for decades, production residues have always served as a valuable basis for new products, for example quality waste wood from the manufacture of trim. They are cut into equal lengths and sold as useful kindling in 5 kg packages. This provides you with different sizes of perfect, dry wood from knotfree spruce or pine. Ideal as kindling and for re- heating and also highly combustible because of the resin component. The innovative way to do without chemical firelighters completely and thus benefit both the environment and your wallet.


  • Environmentally friendly product made of natural, renewable raw materials
  • Do without chemical firelighters
  • Great combustion characteristics with dry spruce or pine wood
  • Different sizes for simple lighting and re-heating
  • Optimum packaging in practical carrying size
  • Perfectly clean, even at the stove - no more chippings lying around!


Strong products. Strong presentation.

"Closing I want to mention, that we not only guarantee many innovative products, but also everything for optimum presentation at the point of sale. Overhead panels, shelf stoppers and flags and central panels with all important product information and illustrations improve your customers' shopping experience. Sample boards are also available that explain assembly and application graphically - everything for attention-grabbing presence at the point of sale. In addition, we are able to offer our customers a complete range of accessories "from a single source", sparing them the difficulty of dealing with a variety of suppliers and thereby saving valuable time", mentioned the Managing Director Franz Neuhofer.


About the Neuhofer Holz company:

The Neuhofer family has been in the timber processing business for over 360 years - more than 10 generations. From its origins at a small mill and sawmill in Zell am Moos / Austria, FN Neuhofer Holz today counts among the recognised top suppliers of skirting and accessories for floor, wall and ceiling. The current production capacity is of the order of 125 million running metres of skirting per annum, of which 87 % are for export.

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