2015-01-21 | Successful presentation of new products at the exhibition Domotex & Bau

FN Neuhofer Holz once again convinced its customers with innovative and unusual products at the two most important industry trade fairs in January. This year not only with new products and ranges but also with two completely new and impressively designed trade fair stands.

The trade fair stand at Domotex (17. - 20.01.2015) in Hanover was surprising because of its unique structure and invited its many visitors into two generously dimensioned levels with a total presentation area of 318 m².
The periphery was open and in the style of a gallery with partially closed meeting areas on the first floor, each of which was devoted to a special topic.

The Innovation Centre at the heart of the structure contained product highlights in a quite intriguing manner. There were 3-D videos in the miniature cinema, live product presentations and impressive information panels. Access to this area was only permitted to those who had been invited by the FN-team or who had introduced themselves to the attractive hostesses with a business card.

The appearance at the trade fair Bau (19. - 24.01.2015) in Munich also convinced visitors with its open, two-storey structure with a total presentation area of 93 m².

The staircase here, designed with graphic sample boards from the entire product range, also led to a separate innovation area, accessible after presentation of a business card.

Clients and partners were able to withdraw into a separate, closed room for concentrated discussions.

The design of both trade fair stands stood out through exclusivity, clear design, openness and well-reasoned functionality at the same time, based on the company's own products. Such as the cladding made of hundreds of profiles in the interpreted wood cell design, produced by the company's own digital printing method.


Product innovations 2015


FN LED-pro - LED-Profiles / Light System

This new profile with built-in LED-strips conjures up beautiful light effects. A pleasant, indirect light that also represents a lit design element in the living space and can be dimmed for various light effects. It is also practical and sophisticated in corridors or functional rooms.

Thus the LED-profile by FN Neuhofer Holz is a successful combination of fixing rail and LED-shaft. Any Neuhofer profile with a height of up to 90mm and a clip nut attachment can be added. This makes the system unbelievably flexible.

It is also possible to lay either LED-strips of various wattages or light colours or cables into the shaft. The aluminium structure makes it easy for any heat that is created to leave the system.  

Benefits at a glance:

  • Pleasant room atmosphere with indirect lighting
  • Accentuates the special features of the floor
  • A combination of fixing rail and LED-shaft
  • Highest level of flexibility - can be used for any FN skirting board with a height of up to 90mm with a CH23 clip groove
  • Various LED-strips can be glued in
  • The strip can easily be mitre cut and a plastic corner can be used for the skirting board above it
  • Cables can be laid in the shaft in place of LED
  • Perfect heat dissipation through the use of aluminium
  • Emphasis of the wood grain on brushed floors by using the LED close to the ground
  • Can also be used as emergency lighting at night


FN pro-flex - flexible skirtings

This skirting board is made of light, highly flexible plastic foam that forms to any curve and that can also be attached around a 90° inner or outer corner if necessary.

This system no longer needs time-consuming screwing or nailing and the skirtings are simply attached with adhesive. Then the skirting board just needs to be painted in the desired colour for a matching surface.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, CFC-free
  • Made of regranulate to prevent further deforestation
  • Sufficiently flexible for mounting on any column or around any corner
  • Highly durable, does not tear, does not buckle
  • UV and water resistant and therefore suitable for bathrooms and outdoor applications
  • Water resistance prevents swelling, buckling and rotting
  • Resistant to pests
  • Very clean, smooth surface, no further grinding necessary
  • Can be painted with enamel, stain or top coat
  • Can be mounted using only an adhesive


FN clik-fix 23 - optimised fixing system

It just became even easier to fix the skirtings to the rail. Perfect tolerance compensation has been created with soft lips attached to the back of the mounting bar. Humidity fluctuations in the wood or MDF board or crooked walls - the soft lips compensate for everything.

When cables are fitted behind the skirtings it is no longer possible for cables to slip into the expansion joint and be subjected to the swelling of the floor there. It can simply be laid onto the horizontal fixing arm. Detachment is also no longer a problem, thanks to the flexible soft lips.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Soft lips on the attachment bar enable perfect tolerance compensation
  • Cables cannot slip into the expansion joint because of the continuous fixing arm
  • Practical wall mounting on the continuous rail
  • Clean, invisible mounting
  • Innovative locking technology to prevent possible lifting of the skirting
  • Multiple attachment and detachment possible


FN water-pro - waterproof skirtings

Moisture has a negative effect on many materials. That is why FN Neuhofer Holz has developed a skirtings for applications that require particular moisture resistance, for example on waterproof LVT flooring, and which combine the advantages of a waterproof plastic carrier with the advantages of matching decoration to the floor.

Decorative papers, printed digitally or using gravure printing, are attached to the carrier using waterproof PUR adhesive. This results in a universal product that is optimally suited to any purpose.  

Plastic can be formed in many ways and, most importantly, it is waterproof. FN water-pro also serves as cladding for panel walls, as wall panelling and any covering of small joints in corners or on outer corners.

The profile KU037 plays a special role: this profile is designed for the wall connection to design coverings with the advantage that you can attach a strip of the floor to the skirting and thus achieve a finish with the same decoration. The profile is also fitted with a sealing lip to the floor to avoid a disruptive joint.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Waterproof carrier - the ideal combination for vinyl and LVT flooring
  • Waterproof attachment through the use of PUR adhesives
  • Robust design - can be laid with Clipholder CH23 or screwed or nailed
  • Foils with the same decoration, exactly colour-matched to the vinyl floor range, can be used as a surface
  • Modern cubistic form in the dimensions 14.5 x 50mm
  • Matching plastic corners available


FN wood-pro - a stable load carrier

Its longitudinal, fibrous structure makes wood well-suited in principle as a load carrying material. But if the spans become too wide and the loads too heavy, it will break.

However, if individual layers of veneer are glued together it is possible to both save valuable raw materials, because wood with smaller cross-sections is used for glued FN wood-pro, and also to achieve greater stability from gluing than in solid spruce with the same cross-section. Processability remains unchanged.

The product comprises several layers of glued spruce wood peeled veneer with a thickness of 2.5 - 3mm. Phenolic resin adhesive is used as an adhesive to glue the layers of veneer and melamine resin is used for mounting the top layers.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Particularly stable in shape and dimension because of the glued veneer layers
  • 25% more bending and tensile strength than spruce with the same dimensions
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Suitable for the construction of wooden frames
  • Posts planed and bevelled on 4 sides


FN Corner-Set - a clean finish

Skirtings, mitre cuts, corners - this kind of combination is common. But none has ever been as clever as this one. Pre-cut skirtings that have already been mitre-cut and with decoration that matches the skirting that follow - that is really great.

The skirtings have pre-cut mitring on both sides so that two opposite pieces can be used to create both interior and exterior corners.

A clip that is specially produced for this purpose and that also goes around the corner keeps the carefully glued corner pieces permanently in place. The second end is simply cut straight so that the skirtings that follows can connect perfectly.

Quite new: it is also possible to create an end piece. One left and one right end piece are included and are simply glued onto the mitre-cut end of the strip.

Benefits at a glance:

  • No more tedious mitre cuts, only straight cuts are now necessary
  • Simple to clip or glue
  • Practical set with two outside corners or two inside corners or one outside and one inside corner and each with two end pieces
  • The included adhesive keeps the ends together permanently
  • Absolutely identical decoration of skirting corners and the matching skirting

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