2015-01-12 | Successful cooperation between FN and world champion hairdresser Mario Krankl

"Our strong capacity to innovate is one of our greatest strengths," says Managing Director Franz Neuhofer. FN Neuhofer Holz is considered one of the leading innovators in the wood sector with hundreds of patents, utility models and design patents.

In order to continue to deserve this accolade our family business has once again come up with some new ideas on how to present its products in a striking manner.

A fantastic concept was created for the presentation of our new products in 2015 in a creative team comprising the world champion hairdresser Mario Krankl, the make-up artist Sabina Rettenbacher, the agency Concept02 and the imaginative marketing department at FN.

This is currently being presented in the form of new advertisement subjects, folders, and inserts as well as in the high-circulation product catalogue for 2015/2016 and at global trade fair presentations (21 trade fairs and conventions are planned in 2015).

Especially in order to find the perfect framework for the marketing of the new product 'FN LED-pro' there was an exclusive photo shoot with the world champion hairdresser Mario Krankl - who created some truly hair-raising moments.

This new skirting board profile with built-in LED strips conjures up beautiful light effects, for example in order to emphasise wood grain on brushed floors through the use of LED close to the floor.

A pleasantly indirect light that represents a lit design element in the living space and can also be dimmed for different light effects. It is also practical and classy in corridors or functional spaces.

Thus the LED profile by FN Neuhofer Holz is a successful combination of a mounting rail (to attach the strip to the wall) and an LED shaft. Any Neuhofer strip can be attached if it is no more than 90 mm high and is fitted with a clip groove. This makes the system unbelievably flexible!

It is also possible to lay LED strips in different wattages and light colours in the shaft as well as cables.


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