2016-06-06 | Innovations at Carrefour du Bois

Neuhofer Holz presented its products at Carrefour du Bois (01. - 03.06.2016) in Nantes, France.

Amongst others Neuhofer introduced digital direct printing. The company is currently working on a method that allows neutral profiles and flooring profiles to be printed directly and digitally.

3D effects on profiles and flooring profiles, not engraved but embossed, relief-like. This is entirely new. Neuhofer is working on this, too, with very promising results. Consequently, the profile can finally keep pace with the structure of the flooring. Printed in the same décor and now also in the same structure. Directly and digitally.

An individual shortenable skirting was also presented. This skirting board is most advantageous in renovations, because there is no need to remove the old skirting.


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