2017-01-17 | Innovations and a new campaign that was convincing


Once again this year, the Austrian family-owned company FN Neuhofer Holz, known for its innovative strength and outstanding marketing, won over visitors to the trade fairs Domotex in Hanover and Bau in Munich with its new products, solutions, and an entirely new campaign.


Ingenuity and high-end technology

The new campaign presents in a special way the things that make the FN Neuhofer Holz brand and products so unique. Using a miniaturised illustration, it highlights the combination of engineering, ultra-modern fabrication, and, above all, people who put their heart and soul into the company and its products. The idea behind the campaign works to present both the company's image and its products, encouraging people to learn more about them.



FN Clipholder CH28 - Whether screw or nail, this clip can do both.

The screw goes into the wall, and the profile is attached on the nail. It's as easy as that, and it works with nearly all materials: softwood, hardwood, MDF, plastic.

To install, the clip goes into the wall like a screw. Depending on the type of masonry, the enclosed screw anchor can be used. The screw accepts a PZ2 cross-head and is designed to be countersunk, meaning that it won't project from the wall.

On the exterior, there are only two small nails on which the profile is attached or hammered down. The clip's installation height is not tied to any grooves in the profile and can be freely selected within the profile height.


  • A clip for profiles in all shapes and materials.
  • Free selection of installation height.
  • Easy to install with a screwdriver or screw gun.
  • Profiles and clips can be repeatedly installed and removed.
  • Patent pending.


FN clik-fix 17 - Fixing track for cabling.

In addition to the individually shortenable renovation skirting FN cut-pro, there is now a special fixing track with corresponding space for cabling.

Like the skirting itself, the rail can be shortened as needed and offers space for at least four

9 mm (11/32") cables.

Using a built-in clip system, the skirting board is easily snapped onto the rail attached to the wall - regardless of the chosen height.


  • Height individually adjustable.
  • Space for at least four 9 mm (11/32") cables.
  • Skirting is easily snapped on.


FN crown moulding for LED lighting

Indirect lighting creates a truly special atmosphere at home. On the floor, e.g. with the FN LED-pro profile or now, on the ceiling, with the new FN crown moulding for LED lighting.

This achieves not only the desired illumination but also in particular an artistically beautiful mood for relaxation.

The FN LED ceiling solution is a white, powder-coated aluminium profile that blends with the room as discretely as possible. It is installed on the wall just below the ceiling. It also includes a hidden channel for screws so that the mounting is no longer visible after installation.

The LED strips are then easily glued on and connected to the power supply. The result: an attractive, distinctive lighting design in your room.


  • White aluminium profile for good heat dissipation of the LEDs.
  • Wide variety of LED strips (e.g. with colour gradient) up to 14 mm (9/16") wide that can be glued on.
  • Hidden installation in a screw channel.
  • Due to the low height, very easy to cut with a mitre.


FN clik-fix 23 - Fixing track with sealing lip for skirting boards

As a result of increased demand for floor products that are ever more easy to clean, FN Neuhofer Holz has developed an innovative, functional solution: a fixing track for skirtings with attached sealing lip. Any desired FN profile can be attached here, and the sealing lip ensures, on the one hand, that dampness can't penetrate the expansion joint and, on the other, that the MDF profile is protected on the underside.


  • 15 mm (19/32") width for narrow profiles, 20 mm (25/32") width for wide profiles.
  • Protects the expansion joint against dampness.
  • Protects the profile against dampness from below.
  • The rail prevents cables laid behind the profile from slipping into the expansion joint.
  • Patent pending.


Expansion of the aluminium profile product range:

- A new version of the FN combi-fix screw profile, particularly for LVT floors

Different screw lengths guarantee continuous adjustability.

- A new base track for installation for FN Sixpack Alu dowel-fix

FN dowel-fix is a sophisticated 3-in-1 profile that can be used as a transition, movement, or end profile for all floor types. In addition to dowels and adhesive beads, there is now also a track solution for installing the dowel-fix profile on subflooring. Simple and elegant.



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