2019-01-21 | FN Neuhofer: Taking off with its customers


A HELICOPTER FLIGHT over beautiful southern Bavaria and Austria combined with a company visit, and all of this in connection with attendance at the Bau trade fair in Munich - that's how efficiently current and potential customers of FN Neuhofer were on the go.

In less than half a day, they were able to get an idea of the massive investments that have been made in recent months at the plant at Zell am Moos.

Visitors were persuaded by state-of-the-art robot technologies, optimised linkages between machineries, and recently expanded warehouse and logistics capacities, and the flight did the rest:

"It's fascinating what Neuhofer always comes up with to amaze us!" said a customer upon returning to the trade fair booth in Munich, where he was able to pick up a memento in the form of a souvenir photo in a FN Neuhofer picture frame.


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