2020-06-30 | Franz Neuhofer Sr. is celebrating his 80th birthday


The successful family firm of FN Neuhofer with its registered office in Zell am Moos, Austria is celebrating two occasions in one this year. The 370th year of existence of the company and the 80th birthday of Franz Neuhofer Senior, which is being celebrated on 30th June.

But he doesn't for one second let his age stand in the way of still energetically getting involved in the firm's work.

Having started as a small mill and a sawmill, FN Neuhofer is now a recognised profile and accessories supplier for floors, walls and ceilings at the top of this international sector. FN Neuhofer exports 96 % of all its products from its headquarters in Zell am Moos, sending them to over 70 countries around the world.

Franz Neuhofer took over the sawmill from his father in 1965. In 1985 the joint decision was taken to focus on the manufacture of profiles and massive investment in expanding the site and in the machinery followed. The sawmill was closed in 1998 and a modern logistics centre was built on the firm's existing premises. In 2000 Franz Neuhofer Senior handed over management of the business. Franz Neuhofer is now successfully managing the firm as a member of the 10th generation.

"When I look back on "370 years of Neuhofer", I'm proud and also a bit humble. Only a few family-run businesses can look back on such a long history. I'm very pleased that our children have found their way both in their personal and professional lives. Our grandchildren are also doing great - that gives me high hopes for the future," says Franz Neuhofer Senior, who even today is still to be found (almost) every day in Production or in his office and who is involved by his son with the greatest respect in all strategic decisions. "Even today, the construction and investment can't go fast enough for him," says Franz Neuhofer.

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