2020-07-15 | Investment in a new plastic suction system


With the investment in a new plastic suction system, FN Neuhofer is coming another step closer to realising its 2025 Vision.

"Based on the persisting trend of LVT floor covers, water-resistant plastic skirting boards are once more moving into the focus, which is why we are massively expanding this area," says CEO Franz Neuhofer.

"For FN Neuhofer, customer service comes first, which is why we always take a close look at the particular customer wishes and offer them the fitting solutions," explains Neuhofer.

The digital fingerprint "FN digiprint" also plays a central role. That is because it enables producing skirting boards, floor profiles, door frame profiles, etc. with the absolute identical décor as the floor.

A big advantage is also the quick and flexible implementation of all possible ideas. This not only saves lots of time but also reduces the costs.

Another procedure in this area is "FN digi-direct" - digital direct printing. Here, the most varied carrier materials such as plastics, aluminium or hardwood can be printed directly - without the further involvement of paper or veneer, which would then, in turn, have to be glued onto the carrier. A new workflow comes along with this, which allows for the smallest lot sizes in the shortest of delivery periods. The flexibility also reapplies to the profile lengths. The endless production of the plastic carrier also facilitates the production of custom lengths.

Moreover, the surface structure can be produced in 3D haptics. A special procedure makes this relief-type surface possible on skirting and floor profiles.

The production capacity in the plastic skirting segment after the expansion will be at 26.4 million running metres per year.

The total production capacity of all plants adds up to 165 million running metres per year.

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