2021-01-18 | FN Neuhofer presents innovations at the digital trade fair BAU online


The internationally successful family business FN Neuhofer, manufacturer of accessories for floors, walls and ceilings, successfully participated in the first digitally implemented BAU trade fair from 13 to 15 January 2021, where it presented its innovations and Vision 2025 via an online press conference.

Streamed with the latest media technology, participants were able to see the innovative products presented live and online and watch the construction progress of Vision 2025 in an exciting video with interviews with the persons involved.

FN Neuhofer is currently investing heavily in the Zell am Moos location. The start of preparatory work for the construction of the new production factories and the modern multistorey office building including a representative showroom was as early as 23 November 2020, and completion is planned for 2025.


The following structural measures are included in Vision 2025:

  • two "hall ships" - here an additional production area of 8,800 m² is created
  • new solid wood hall with 1,050 m²
  • 3-storey office building with a total area of 2,750 m²
  • modern canteen 380 m²
  • representative showroom 685 m² - this will make it possible, among other things, to optimally display entire shelf assemblies, as known from DIY stores. There are also plans for an event area and a chronological presentation of the impressive 370-year company and family history.
  • Social and equipment rooms 885 m²

The total area of this construction project is 14,550 m²


But a lot has already been invested in 2020 as well:

  • Plastic extraction system

(for a production capacity of 26.4 million running metres of plastic skirting boards/year, allows plastic slats to be produced entirely at FN, enables the waste to be processed into new raw boards and thus an "ecological round trip" of the waste)

  • Weinig Powermat 2400 high-performance system incl. full automation

(Max. feed rate 100 m/min, this enables an additional 20 million running metres of solid wood skirting boards per year)

  • New aluminium and plastic packing line

(Industry 4.0 robot packing permitting faster production, automatic quality scan)

  • New paint shop

(Lower paint consumption because of spray application; RAL and NCS colours may be used)

  • New shrink tunnel

(Can process all sustainable films (from maize starch etc.); can use thinner films than before)

  • Multi-family house near the company

Priority for employees


The innovative FN products were also made accessible to a large audience via live presentations. In addition, there was the opportunity to hold personal talks, which were gladly accepted by customers and interested parties.


Product highlights included:

- "FN roomy" - convertible room element with new accessories

- "FN flush-pro" - flush plaster skirting boards, optimised once again

- "FN Smart e-Shop" - further development

- Handrails

- RAL colours on skirting boards

- Pipe cover skirting boards in new height

- Sawn timber with forest edge


FN roomy: Convertible room element with new accessories

Divide rooms, create systematic order and store things, "FN roomy" do it all. and that without virtually no screws.

"FN Roomy" consists of system building blocks, such as beams, boards, beam shoes, connecting elements and clip-on accessories, which can be configured and assembled entirely according to individual wishes.

Be it a simple room divider in a rented flat that does not have to be screwed to the floor, ceiling or wall and can be taken away again when you move house, or a single column fitted with different shelves that serves as a wardrobe element, or quite simply a few columns connected with boards and placed against the wall and used as a shelf element.

For assembly, the beams are inserted as uprights into the beam shoes, whereby the upper shoe is provided with springs and a pressure plate and the upright is thus spread between the floor and the ceiling. This means that no screws are needed for the assembly of the uprights and no floors or ceilings are damaged.

The boards are then used as infill, either with screwable bracket connectors or by means of a plug-in system that can be clamped. The corresponding accessories are then simply plugged onto the clamps.

The beams are made of finger-jointed, planed spruce with a covering or transparent lacquer finish. But beams and boards are also offered raw, for those who want to be creative in colour themselves.


  • No drilling of floor and walls - screwless clamping
  • Numerous accessories for individual room design
  • Perfectly suited as a room divider in combination with "FN digi-pan", the digitally printed panels
  • High-quality lacquer finish as surface


FN flush-pro: Flush plaster skirting boards optimised again

So that you can put furniture right up against the wall or no longer have to clean skirting boards, it is extremely practical if everything is flush with the wall and nothing protrudes. This is exactly what the "FN flush-pro" skirting board can do.

The skirting board is made of aluminium and is fitted before the wall is plastered. After plastering, this leaves a hollow space in the skirting area. This hollow space is used when laying the floor to accommodate the floor expansion joint.

Subsequently, the hollow space can either be filled with a floor section or with two different cover profiles: One profile covers the entire area from the plaster to the floor, the other profile leaves an opening at the lower edge of the plaster into which an LED strip, for example, can be glued.


  • 3 options for wall connection: Insert floor strips or two different covers
  • 2 different thicknesses available: 13 mm and 15 mm
  • Robust aluminium base profile
  • Furniture can be placed directly against the wall
  • No more cleaning of the skirting boards necessary


FN smart e-shop: developed further

At the point where imaginations reach their limit, the "FN smart e-shop" comes into play!

With the "FN smart e-shop", it's quick and easy to make your own personal design ideas come true by uploading your own images, logos or décors.

You can also choose from a comprehensive selection of images, décors, wood types and patterns. Via this e-shop, the business customer and, via its website, the end customer can individually design skirting boards, floor profiles, wall panels and floors on a PC, tablet or smartphone, initiate production in just a few steps and approve them for fast and direct delivery.


  • Everything from a single source and therefore absolute décor consistency
  • Short delivery times via just-in-time production
  • Customised designs available
  • Large selection of décors
  • Small quantities possible



With handrails from FN Neuhofer you have everything at hand. Handrail, 90° bends, end bends, end caps and even the wall bracket and drilling template to drill the holes at the end of the handrail are included. All this in beech and oak, raw or lacquered, so that every staircase can be secured in such a way that it complies with the regulations in force and safe access to the stairs is guaranteed. For your safety, for the beautiful appearance and for your personal well-being.


  • Raw or lacquered finish
  • 90° bends, end bends and end caps available as accessories
  • Matching wall bracket as accessory
  • Practical drilling template as an accessory to correctly place holes for the dowels at the end of the handrails


RAL colours on skirting boards

Black, white, different shades of grey or other plain colours, the neutral skirting board matches any interior, any floor and any wall colour. Made of MDF, foiled with the corresponding colour, cubic shape - architects will love this skirting.


Pipe cover skirting boards in new height

The 100 mm high pipe cover skirting board made of foiled MDF, which has been tried and tested for years, is now joined by a further variant at a height of 150 mm. New market requirements have led to this development, which is of course again available for sale in the usual way with the corresponding accessories, such as clips, inside corners, outside corners and end pieces.


Sawn timber with forest edge

Rustic look, individualisation of the living space, "back to nature", the sawn timber, where the original forest edge with bark is still visible, inspires the imagination and opens up a large playground of creative possibilities to embellish the living space. Pieces of furniture, wall decoration, modern wardrobes, everything is possible with these planed boards for DIY in your own 4 walls.

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