2021-10-04 | Apartment building completed & Investments in a warehouse & planing plant


Apartment building completed

The sustained growth of the successful family-owned and operated company FN Neuhofer in Zell am Moos - and the resulting steady stream of new hires - is one of the reasons why the company, led by owner Franz Neuhofer, has again decided to invest.

A residential building with thirteen rental flats has been built in the immediate vicinity of the company' premises. This building offers staff members - in particular those who move here from further afield - attractive and sunny flats with a wonderful view of the countryside.

There is a choice of functional 2-room flats, charming two-storey maisonettes and spacious attic flats. The building spans three storeys, plus a basement level, and 26 car parking spaces have been created - 16 of which are covered. The property's total living area is 1,075 m².

This residential building has been completed since August 2021 and the first tenants are already enjoying these stylish flats.

"We're very pleased to be able to offer living space nearby, just a few minutes from our company", explains Neuhofer, adding: "The building site is of special importance to me as my former primary school once stood there".


Investments in an additional warehouse and a new planing plant

"Our investments in an additional warehouse and a new planing plant (P 3000 Weinig) for solid wood production are further guarantees that we will continue to be at our customers' side as a reliable partner with full performance and proven commitment", says Franz Neuhofer.

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