2022-07-04 | 880 years of service and three celebrations


As part of the opening celebrations for the new office building, production facilities and halls, the event at FN Neuhofer in Zell am Moos last weekend focussed on the employees - particularly those celebrating anniversaries in the traditional family business.

Zell am Moss. We rolled out the red carpet in glorious weather to welcome employees and their families, the foundation of the success that enabled the largest investment in the company's history. Invitations also went out to politicians and the press, partners of the company, associations, institutions, friends and family.

The event took place in and around the new showroom and highlighted in particular the over 60 employees who celebrated their anniversaries of working with the company in 2021 and 2022 - from 5 to 45(!) years of service. "Especially at a time like this, it is a particular pleasure and honour for us as an employer to be able to celebrate these anniversaries," says Franz Neuhofer, owner and managing director. He added, "It is the employees who are responsible for the success and growth of this company over many years and decades. We are very happy about this loyalty and do everything we can to continue to offer secure jobs for decades to come and celebrate such anniversaries every year in the future."

We were particularly pleased about a visit from Brussels - the head of the delegation from the European Parliament, Dr Angelika Winzig. Other notable guests included Christian Mader, member of the state parliament, Clemens Malina-Altzinger, Vice President of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce, and Josef Renner, District Director of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to great food, drinks and music, tours of the facility offered insight into the existing and new areas of the company - from the office building to the canteen to the new storage and production halls in Europe's fastest and most efficient production line for skirting boards. "It is important for us to also show the relatives of our colleagues where their partners, parents or children do a great job every day," noted the 10th generation managing director, who was proud to welcome the 11th generation to the stage.

A total of 54 million euros has been invested in the Zell am Moos site.

"Our vision has now become reality," says Franz Neuhofer Sr., who is still at the company every day. "This was made possible by forward-thinking, sustainable action, successful partnerships with customers, suppliers and service providers and, of course, the cooperation of all teams."



Next weekend the public will have the opportunity to get to know FN Neuhofer, the teams and, above all, the new facilities during our


On Friday, 8 July from 2pm to 6pm and on Saturday, 9 July from 9am to 1pm

In the job lounge, you can learn all about the exciting jobs and career opportunities in all areas of the internationally active company and set up appointments for trial days or job interviews.



Caption Opening ceremony from left to right: Member of the Provincial Parliament Christian Mader, Mayor of Zell am Moos Günther Pfarl, Franz Neuhofer, Head of Delegation of the European Parliament Dr Angelika Winzig, Deputy Mayor of Zell am Moos Mag Franz Wesenauer, Vice-President of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce KommR DI Clemens Malina-Altzinger.

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