2022-09-20 | FN Acustico - Functional Design for Every Space!



You have probably heard of the saying "Design follows function", sometimes ironically altered to "Function follows design". Where the FN Acustico acoustic boards from FN Neuhofer are concerned, design and function go hand in hand. Here, they are matched precisely, providing a doubly effective design element for every space. And it gets even better: this elegant, functional product is also sustainable.



The sound-absorbing base plate made from 60 % recycled PET fibres, combined with veneered or film-covered MDF slats, is a functional eye-catcher and a real feel-good element in any space.

The restrained design can for example elegantly enhance your cloakroom or hallway, create a relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom, impress as a unique style element in the living room or pleasantly reduce noise when a room is used as a home office. FN Acustico is part of a trend that is here to stay. Timeless and stylish.



The lightweight, soft PET-fibre base plate is made from 60 % recycled PET bottles, and can reduce sound by up to 25 % as well as sound reverberation. With an approx. 10 cm substructure, sound insulation increases to as high as 60 % and is thus sound absorption class C-compliant.

This creates comfortable acoustics in any space - large or small - from the hallway to the living room, or in business environments in waiting rooms, open-plan offices, canteens or business premises.

FN Acustico is available in two sizes: 572.5 x 2400 x 19 mm and 572.5 x 1200 x 19 mm, and two different surfaces - foiled or veneered - as well as a variety of décors.

FN Neuhofer also offers its well-known FN Digiprint technology for maximum customisation or adaptation to the floor or furniture.




Design and Décor

With a deliberate accent on strong colours, or as a natural element in real wood veneer or stylishly adapted to the floor décor, extending over the wall to the ceiling or even as a room partition or hanging element, FN Acustico offers a wide range of possibilities.


There are eight different décors to choose from:

  • veneered: oak, smoked oak, walnut, ash
  • foiled: oak, vintage (white/grey stripes), concrete, Zebrano (black/brown stripes)

An entirely bespoke décor of your choice is also available, because FN digiprint offers unlimited possibilities.




Individual slats for unique design

The new range is enhanced by foiled and veneered individual slats, which offer personalised creativity and complete design freedom on the wall. These individual slats are available in 25 x 10 x 2400 mm and 25 x 10 x 1200 mm sizes and come with an adhesive strip on the back.

They are lightweight and thanks to their adhesive strips, they can be arranged - and bonded - on the wall easily and simply by anyone to suit their personal style.

FN Neuhofer offers an accessory - a practical spacer measuring 15 x 18 x 1200 mm - in order to guarantee dimensionally accurate installation with even spacing between the profiles.




Base skirting for height adjustments

A "base skirting" has been developed and serves as another practical accessory for flexibility in rooms with high ceilings (250 cm and 260 cm) when installing FN Acustico. It can be used as a skirting with a height of either 10 cm or 20 cm. This ensures a visually appealing height adjustment and simplifies the installation of the panels, as these are mounted directly on the previously installed skirting.




Elegant sales promotion at the point of sale: the right solution for every location!

From the display, the effective secondary placement using eye-catching palette presentation to the integration into heavy-duty racks, FN Neuhofer offers the optimal solution for every PoS.


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