2013-01-16 | A further product novelty was presented: the FN Clipholder CH27

Seamless skirting board strips

This clip at last succeeds in giving the adhesive strip the long-waited connection to the wall. Adhesive skirting boards are always glued to the floor and over the seasons always had the problem that movement in the floor either caused a gap to the wall or separation from the floor.

Now the clip can easily solve this problem: The built-in spring means the clip is supported on the floor and thus allows the floor to swell and sink back without changing the position of the skirting board that is attached to the clip. This means the joint to the wall is always closed and the strip is no longer separated from the floor.

It is naturally also possible to use this clip when installing quarter rounds and concave skirting strips with coverage >16 mm, >5/8".

Product Advantages:

  • The clip is placed in the expansion joint.
  • The spring in the expansion joint pressest he board to the wall at all times.
  • Simply glue the board to the clip.
  • The board will no longer separate when the floor expands.
  • No more gaps to the wall when the floor shrinks back.
  • Registered for patent approval.
  • Also suitable for use with concave skirting strips and quarter rounds.

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