Base materials

A large assortment of numerous materials allow an optimal matching to nearly every surface of floorings. The surface coating is glued to the profile-carrier with hot melt adhesive.

If laminate, parquet, leather or other floorings - wrapped with the adequate material, our profiles offer a great range of design possibilities. You can find an overview of the structures on this page.


As a base material, MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is characterised by the homogeneity of its structure and its dimensional stability in all directions. Only those grades are used that comply with current statutory specifications.

Raw MDF is also used for finished skirtings, so that the final painting of the skirting can be carried out on site. Standard-lengths are: 200/6,5, 240/7,9, 270/8,8 cm/ft.


By using finger-jointed spruce, a high degree of profile rigidity is obtained, as any wood blemishes (e.g., knotholes or irregularities of growth) are cut out.

Standard-lengths are: 250 /8,2, 270/8,8 cm/ft.


A homogenous material very akin to wood in character, this composite board made of bonded and pressed veneer strips exhibits minimal susceptibility to climatic influences, a very low degree of deformation and excellent rigidity.

Standard-length is: 252/8,3 cm/ft.


The environmentally friendly WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) material is created by recycling saw offcuts and using extrusion to give a base material having much reduced moisture absorption in
comparison to wood or MDF. In addition, the material retains its dimensions better and is more resistant to warp than are wood or MDF, as well as having greater compressive strength.

Standard-lengths for flooring profiles are: 90/2,95, 270/8,8 cm/ft. for Skirtings: 240/7,9 cm/ft.


This base material is resistant to moisture fluctuations, very flexible when laying and still offers the desired wood effect with decorative foil coverings.


This base material is exceptionally rigid and can take very heavy loads. In addition, the aluminium ensures absolute resistance to humidity.

Standard-lengths are: 90/2,95, 270 /8,8 cm/ft.


A special wood that impresses on account of its very lightweight characteristics, and which is mainly used for adhesive profiles. Due to its extreme softness, it can just be nipped off when fitting (with
a pruner, for instance). No sawing is required, and this makes it even more timesaving, allowing faster installation.

Standard-length is: 240/7,9 cm/ft.