Solid wood profiles

Naturally solid

These profiles are available in the widest possible variety of wood types, in natural finish or varnished, and as skirtings, flat profiles, Lshaped profiles or beads in the standard range. Special shapes can be manufactured by request.
Some solid wood skirtings can also be installed quickly and easily with the aid of the well-proven FN clik-fix systems - with no unsightly screws on the surface.

Product advantages:

  • Profile shapes for every interior decoration application.
  • Individual customer requirements can be accommodated.
  • Wood in its most natural form.
  • Best possible price/performance ratio.

The FN solid softwood profiles are offered in the following grades:

  • Knot-free grade: Cornice profiles, wallpaper profiles, quarter-round beads, halfround beads, round beads, three-edged profiles, Scotia profiles, L-shaped profiles, and flat profiles in spruce/pine,  virtually flawless, in the following lengths: 100 / 3,28, 200 / 6,56 or 240 / 7,9 cm/ft.
  • Knotted grade: Flat profiles from pine with small, healed knotting in lengths of 200 cm / 6,56 ft.
  • Knotted grade B: Flat profiles from pine for non-visible applications, e.g., for subframe purposes, in lengths of 200 cm / 6,56 ft.
  • Knot-free grade, finger-jointed: Profiles in a range of geometries in spruce/pine, virtually flawless thanks to finger-jointed rough wood. Lengths: 100 / 3,28, 200 / 6,56 or 240 / 7,9 cm/ft.
  • Construction wood grade: Flat profiles with four rounded corners (frame wood) from knotted pine in lengths of 240 cm/ 7,9 ft.