Structured strips

Beauty with structure

Do you want to use tried and tested MDF boards, but with a completely different surface and appearance? Then FN structure boards are the perfect product for you.

The concept is both simple and brilliant and allows an MDF board to turn into an attractive material that leaves a lasting impression, even without furthertreatment of the surface.

An embossing roller is used to stamp any suitable structures into the surface of the board, giving it a unique appearance and special haptics.

Whether strips, boards, shelves, panels or wall cladding, a special skirting board or for the construction of furniture - FN structure boards establish a new generation of innovative board design.


  • The simple way to achieve strong MDF board aesthetics
  • Any surface structure is possible
  • Many areas of application in interior design and furniture construction
  • Simple processing with all traditional wood processing machines
  • Can be painted over with any varnishes or wall and wood paints to intensify the structure