Trade Profiles

Top of the trade

These high-quality trade profiles ensure professional and timesaving installation for professional fitters, contractors, interior designers and other trades. They are designed specifically for fixing with screws, adhesives or nail guns, and come without any clip system attachment.

As well as the groove for the adhesive, the rear of the profile has a cable channel, so that there are no problems in routing various cables. Either MDF or spruce is available as a base material. However, there is the option of using OSB (Oriented Strand Board) to provide better resistance to humidity and enhance profile  stiffness.


  • Easy and quick to fit.
  • Designed for professional installation using adhesive, screws or nail guns.
  • Integrated groove for adhesive.
  • Channel on the underside to route cables.
  • Various base materials possible: MDF, spruce or OSB.