Sawn timber with forest edge

Wide range of applications

Rustic look, individualisation of the living space, "back to nature", the sawn timber, where the original forest edge with bark is still visible, inspires the imagination and opens up a large playground of creative possibilities to embellish the living space. Pieces of furniture, wall decoration, modern wardrobes, everything is possible with these planed boards for DIY in your own 4 walls.


150-250x22mm, Oak raw, Length 120cm

260-350x22mm, Oak raw, Length 120cm

150-250x22mm, Oak raw, Length 280-310cm

260-350x22mm, Oak raw, Length 280-310cm

150-250x22mm, Ash raw, Length 120cm

260-350x22mm, Ash raw, Length 120cm

150-250x22mm, Ash raw, Length 280-310cm

260-350x22mm, Ash raw, Length 280-310cm