FN cut-pro

Shortenable renovation skirting boards


FN cut-pro can be shortened individually in accordance with taste and application. This skirting board is most advantageous in renovations. Old strips of carpet that are glued to the wall and that are a nuisance because beautiful new laminate or LVT flooring has now taken the place of the carpet. Or tiled skirting that is no longer liked and needs to be covered.

On these skirting boards a cutter is used to separate the cover foil along a pre-milled groove and the unwanted section simply broken off backwards. If this is difficult then the cutter can help on the groove on the reverse.

This makes it possible to cut 3 different heights from one skirting board, depending on the intended purpose.

Product advantages:

  • Ideal for renovation work - there is no need to remove the old skirting board (especially on firmly secured tiled skirting)
  • The skirting board can be adapted perfectly to the skirting that needs to be covered by shortening the skirting segments
  • Can be shortened to 3 different heights
  • To cover thicker skirting boards the renovation skirting board can be easily placed at a greater angle
  • Simple to attach using nails, screws or adhesive



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