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FN digiprint app

Have you always wished you could fit a special, personalised skirting in your room? The FN digiprint app combines the useful with the practical and helps you to come a step closer to this wish. It offers a wide range of digiprint patterns, from amusing children's patterns to simulated brick wall. These patters can be combined in the app with various floor patterns and wall paints, saved as an image and sent to friends and acquaintances. As a special feature the app simulates the situation at your house. Take a picture of your wall, skirting boards and floor and decorate your skirting board with an imaginative digiprint pattern.

FN floor profile app

The new parquet floor has been laid, the adjacent Italian floor tiles have been laid at a reasonable distance and the remaining movement joint remains open. The decision regarding the right profile to cover it still needs to be taken. Only one thing can help you: the FN floor profile guide. In this app you simply need to enter the thickness of the two flooring areas joining at the profile and the guide will suggest the suitable profile. Do you have under-floor heating and do not wish to drill into the under-floor? The guide takes this into account as well. Banish long advisory discussions and store visits to the past. Your family will be grateful for the time this will save you.

Our homepage www.fnprofile.com offers you the full range of information on all the FN products you can also find in the catalogue. And all this in German, English, French and Spanish. You can also call up all product folders and product films or go to www.fnprofile.com to view the configurations of FN digiprint that enable design of printed skirting boards and FN decoshelf, which simplifies room design using its innovative living space system, for test purposes. Of course it is also possible to derive individual solutions for each customer from this information on request.
Our dedicated FN youtube channel includes all the films necessary to assemble the FN products. The catalogue provides a QR code for each product that can be scanned using a Smartphone or tablet and that links directly to the corresponding assembly film.