Neuhofer kindling

A spark of an idea

At a company where sustainability has ranked highly for decades, production residues have always served as a valuable basis for new products, for example quality waste wood from the manufacture of trim. They are cut into equal lengths and sold as useful kindling in 5 kg packages. This provides you with different sizes of perfect, dry wood from knotfree spruce or pine.

Ideal as kindling and for re-heating and also highly combustible because of the resin component.

The innovative way to do without chemical firelighters completely and thus benefit both the environment and your wallet.


  • Environmentally friendly product made of natural, renewable raw materials
  • Do without chemical firelighters
  • Great combustion characteristics with dry spruce or pine wood
  • Different sizes for simple lighting and re-heating
  • Optimum packaging in practical carrying size
  • Perfectly clean, even at the stove - no more chippings lying around!