Support materials

The right material for every application

Depending on the planned application, different base materials are used for skirting boards. Swelling and shrinkage of wood, but also the often required water resistance have an influence on the choice of material.
Ecological aspects, such as the use of renewable raw materials, are also often decisive. Fortunately, we have a large selection of different materials, so the right material can certainly be found for every application.
The carrier material MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is characterised by its homogeneous structure and dimensional stability in every direction. Only qualities that comply with the applicable legal regulations are used.Raw MDF is also used for finished mouldings so that the final colouring can be done on site.The standard lengths are: 200, 240, 270 cm


By using finger-jointed spruce wood, a higher stability of the moulding is achieved, as wood defects (e.g. knots, growth irregularities) are removed by capping.The standard lengths are: 250, 270 cm


Especially for water-resistant applications, such as in damp rooms or as a suitable skirting board for LVT flooring, plastic is used as a backing material. The design is just as flexible as with MDF.The standard length is 240 cm.

Plastic carrier PVC

For all those who do not want to do without a water-resistant product, but pay attention to PVC-free plastic, PS (polystyrene) is the right material.The standard length is: 240 cm.

Plastic carrierPS

This support is resistant to moisture fluctuations, very flexible when it comes to installation and still offers the desired wood look thanks to its sheathing with decorative foils.

Plastic support for floor profiles

Dieses Trägermaterial ist äußerst formstabil und belastbar und zudem garantiert Aluminium absolute Feuchteresistenz.

Die Standardlängen sind: 90, 270 cm


A special wood that is characterised by its extremely low weight and is mainly used for adhesive strips. As it is very soft, it can simply be cut off during installation (e.g. with loppers). There is no need to saw it off, which saves additional time and makes it possible to work faster. The standard length is: 240 cm


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