FN clik-fix 23 LED

Let there be light!

FN has found a solution. A successful combination of mounting rail and LED shaft shows how it can be done. Any Neuhofer strip up to 90mm high that is equipped with a clip groove can be attached.

In addition, either LED strips in various wattages, light colours or simple cables can be laid in the shaft. And the aluminium construction makes it easy for heat to leave the system gently.


  • Combination of mounting rail and LED shaft.
  • Maximum flexibility - can be used for any FN skirting board up to 90mm high with CH23 clip groove.
  • Various LED strips can be glued in.
  • The rail can simply be mitred, a plastic corner can be used for the skirting board above. Cables can also be laid in the shaft instead of LEDs.
  • Perfect heat dissipation through the use of aluminium.
  • Emphasis of the wood grain on brushed floors through the use of LEDs close to the floor.
  • Can also be used as emergency lighting at night.