FN easy-cut

A perfect cut.

The mitre cut - often cursed, but still tried again and again. A mitred (45°) moulding corner is still the most elegant and beautiful moulding corner.

We have taken on the problem and developed a mitre box which, thanks to its special technical details, helps to make a proper mitre cut on the moulding. The height of the drawer is decisive, skirting boards up to 85mm high can be cut without any problems, and the built-in fixation of the skirting board in its fastening groove is also helpful.

This gives you a straight and clean cut.

Product advantages

  • Easily cut skirting boards up to 85mm high.
  • Fix skirting boards with CH23 clip groove to the intended holder.
  • Built-in holes allow the mitre box to be fixed to the workbench.
  • The built-in Euro hole makes it easy to present the box at the PoS.
  • Patent pending.