Carpet skirting

Glue and ready

KU001 and KU002 - the ideal companion when it comes to carpet edging. No more tedious chaining of carpet edge sections - simply cut an edge section to the required width and glue it into the recess provided on the skirting.

KU006 and KU007 - These plastic skirtings, supplied on a roll and provided with self-adhesive tape, can be used absolutely universally and are easy to lay. Wherever hygiene and cleanliness are the focus, this skirting is the ideal solution due to the ease of maintenance.

Product benefits:

  • 3 options for wall connection: insert base strip or two different covers.
  • 2 different thicknesses available: 13 mm and 15 mm.
  • Robust aluminium base profile
  • Furniture can finally be placed directly against the wall.
  • No more cleaning of skirting boards necessary.


FN neuhofer KU2-panorama