FN wood-pro

The better wood

Wood as a building material has its own peculiarities, many advantages, but also a few disadvantages. Due to its longitudinally oriented fibrous structure, wood is in principle very well suited as a support material. However, if the spans are too large and the loads too high, it breaks.

However, if individual veneer layers are now glued together, high-quality raw material can be saved on the one hand, since wood with smaller cross-sections can be used for the glued FN wood-pro, and on the other hand, higher strength is achieved through gluing than with spruce solid wood of the same cross-section.The processability is, however, the same. 

Product advantages:

  • Post planed and chamfered on four sides.
  • Especially dimensionall y stable and true to size thanks to glued veneer layers.
  • FN wood-pro has 25% more bending and tensile strength than spruce wood of the same size.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Suitable for timber frame construction.