FN Acustico Solid

for indoors and outdoors

Pine for the wood character and aromatic odour Larch, if you also want it to be a little more weather-resistant - for outdoor applications such as terraces, balconies, etc. And Swiss stone pine, if you want an even more aromatic scent and also want to benefit from the calming and stress-reducing effect of Swiss stone pine wood on the body and especially the heart.


3 Wood species
- Pine Solid Wood
- Swiss pine Solid Wood
- Larch Solid Wood

Base material:
Consisting of PET fibres with a
recycling rate of up to 60%
(recycled PET bottles)

Sound insulation:

Reduces noise by up to 25%
Weighted noise absorption coefficient: αw = 0.25
Tested in accordance with EN ISO 354 and EN ISO 11654.
With a sub-structure of approx. 10 cm, soundproofing is increased to 60%: αw = 0.60


Fn Neuhofer-Waterproof-Dekore