MDF slats with real wood veneer

For barefoot walkers and nature lovers

As a market leader and leading innovator in our industry, we are always on the lookout for new and special features. We are constantly working on opportunities for improvement and optimisation so that we can always be sure of providing our partners with one thing above all - the very best. It is this route that has made us into a successful global player particularly in veneered profiles, where we have the perfect solution at hand for every need and requirement.

Here you will find fine-sanded veneers in all possible (and impossible!) woods, with oiled or lacquered surface finish and using various base materials (finger-jointed spruce and MDF). Work with profiles that set an international benchmark - both in terms of quality and customer satisfaction!

• FN Clipholder CH 23
• FN Clipholder CH 25
• FN clik-fix 23 with sealing lip
• FN LED-pro
• Nailing, screwing or gluing

Product benefits:
• Große Furnierauswahl
• Lackierung in verschiedenen Glanzgraden
• MDf oder Massivholz als Trägermaterial


FN furnierte Leisten-Panorama