Forward-looking logistics

for joint success

Benefit-oriented services.
In the course of automation and electronic connection to our customers, we provide our retail customers with all the necessary tools to successfully implement multichannel strategies. The focus is always on customer benefit. Depending on the chosen sales channel, our customers can rely on standard or express deliveries. For optimal data exchange and to improve process reliability, data transfer is carried out in a modern manner via EDI interfaces.

What do we mean by "benefit-oriented"?
In close cooperation with our customers, we jointly determine order cut-off times, suitable transfer times and optimal batch sizes for optimal customer benefit when selecting the appropriate services.

Lean processes - integrated systems.
We are continuously working on further optimising and automating our processes (e.g. lean lifts, goods-to-man concepts) to increase competitiveness. Together with our customers, we develop an integrated forecast process and matching EDI order processing to ensure efficient and accurate workflows. Ongoing on-time delivery measurements, quantity evaluations and key figures on process quality ensure long-term successful cooperation.

Following the trend of the times, we are also able to deliver orders from our customers' webshops directly to the end consumer.

Print on Demand.
In order to better meet the demands of the market, we are constantly investing in new technologies and equipment. With new processes and our in-house digital printing, we can react flexibly and manufacture numerous products even in small batch sizes. Due to the increasing importance of online trade for our customers, this technology, together with our user-oriented logistics service, enables us to deliver with pinpoint accuracy - if desired, right to the end customer.

From our 16,000 m2 central warehouse, we supply customers all over the world together with our carefully selected network partners. We currently reach more than 1600 delivery points.

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