FN silco-flex

The true art of poetry

True sealing art - that's an announcement. Anyone who has ever tried to create a beautiful and even silicone joint with a silicone syringe, without silicone residue sticking to fingers and walls everywhere, knows what it can be worth to spare oneself this process. Correct silicone application is an art.

The real art, however, is to have a profile that can save you all the silicone mess. A profile that comes close to the perfect silicone joint in terms of appearance, but has the advantage of being easy to install and never having to worry about it again, as would be the case with silicone.

True sealing art is beyond doubt, it is genuine and objectively good.

Product advantages:

  • Bendable plastic as sealing lip
  • Small, fine & flexible worktop strip.
  • Easy to mount (nail or glue) to the back of the worktop, furniture top, etc.
  • Can also be used in the bathroom, but ideally glued in combination with silicone in the joint to be sealed.
  • No discolouration after a long time, as sometimes happens with silicone, therefore very low maintenance.
  • Numerous colours can be set.