FN Insulation strip

It's the details that matter.

Sound transmission from the floor to the wall via the skirting board is a topic that is often not considered enough. However, the skirting board has support points on the floor and thus contact points.

The skirting board is connected to the wall by means of clips or other fasteners. Thus, a floor that is sound-decoupled from the wall can transmit impact sound to the wall via the skirting board.

The insulation strip was developed in order to put a stop to this possibility of noise nuisance from neighbouring rooms, with the side effect that the often not entirely tight joint between floor and skirting board is now sealed and the penetration of moisture or insects into the expansion joint of the floor or behind the skirting board is permanently reduced.

Product advantages

  • Reduced sound transmission from floor to wall
  • Protection against penetrating moisture
  • Protection against penetrating insects
  • Optically more uniform joint