FN clik-fix 23

The right connection.

Fast, practical, safe: this is the best way to describe this innovative system. The profiles “click” into place on a continuous rail that can be screwed along the entire length of the wall, glued with commercially available PUR adhesives or stapled on with a nail gun.

The bar is clamped using elastic lips, which offer optimal tolerance compensation. In addition, the unique locking technology of the FN clik-fix 23 not only prevents the strip from being lifted off, but also enables quick and easy disassembly.

Product advantages:

  • Lips on the slip-on bar enable the perfect tolerance compensation.
  • No slipping of cables into the expansion joint due to the continuous fixing arm.
  • Practical wall mounting of the strip on a continuous rail.
  • Clean and invisible installation.
  • Locking technology prevents the profile from lifting off.
  • Repeated assembly and disassembly possible.
  • 2.38 m / 7,8 ft. in length, packed in bundles of 10, 24 in a box.


FN CLIK-FIX23-Panorama