Flush plaster skirting

Can be used in many ways!

This is what the flush plaster skirting board can do. The skirting is made of aluminium and is fitted before the wall is plastered.

After plastering, a hollow space remains in the plinth area. This hollow space is used when laying the floor to accommodate the floor expansion joint.

The hollow space can then either be filled with a floor section or with two different cover profiles: One profile covers the entire area from the plaster to the floor, the other profile leaves an opening at the lower edge of the plaster, into which an LED strip can be glued, for example.

Product advantages:

  • 3 options for wall connection: insert floor strip or two different covers.
  • 2 different thicknesses available: 13 mm and 15 mm.
  • Robust aluminium base profile
  • Furniture can finally be placed directly against the wall.
  • No more cleaning of skirting boards necessary.