FN cut-pro

Individually shortenable renovation strip

The territory of this strip is renovations. Old carpet strips that are stuck to the wall and get in the way because the beautiful new laminate or LVT floor has now taken over the carpet's traditional place. Or tile skirting boards that are no longer to your liking and need to be covered up.

With this skirting board, the cover foil is simply cut through with a cutter along a pre-milled groove and the part that is not needed is simply broken off to the rear. If this is too difficult, the groove on the back can be cut with a cutter. And the whole thing works for 3 different heights from one skirting board.

Product advantages:

  • Ideal for renovations - the old skirting board does not have to be removed (especially with firmly glued tile bases)
  • The skirting board can be optimally adapted to the skirting board to be covered by shortening skirting board segments
  • Can be shortened to 3 different heights
  • The renovation skirting board can simply be placed at an angle for thicker skirting boards to be covered
  • Simple fastening by nailing, screwing or gluing